Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little something

Just popping in to share a little something I whipped up Friday night. I'd address my long absence but it would take longer than I have at the moment and what good would it do anyway? Let's just say, I hope I'm back!

So, I whipped together this anniversary reminder for my mom and dad, the loveliest people I know. They are so awesome and it's been a rough 2012 in their lives. I have wanted to create a few things using my Silhouette that I received as a Christmas present from my mom and aunt last year. I haven't used it as much as I'd like and am working to remedy that. So here's a little something I put together!

It's true, I can't take a straight picture to save my life! However, this project turned out great and took about an hour or so to put together. The base is a canvas I bought a couple of years ago and had never used. I painted it blue so the edges of the canvas wouldn't be white and would look finished. Then, I put together my monogram and anniversary date in Silhouette Studio, which is a lot of fun to play around with. It cuts dimensions perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased. Sure as heck beats a paper cutter and a craft knife, which is how I would have had to assemble something like this in the past!

I Mod Podged a piece of dark blue textured card stock on top of the canvas, then Mod Podged the cut piece over it. I gave it two top coats. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but it just turned out beautifully! Best of all, my mom loved it! (And she figured out why I called her at 10 p.m. to confirm her anniversary. I am terrible with dates if it isn't my birthday we're talking about!)

I hope you are having a wonderful year, so far. Take care!


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  1. I love this!!! Mitzi and Pa will too. :)

  2. Love the colors ... my parents 52 anniversary is the end of May...25, 26 or 27...:P I'm terrible with dates too...Great Job...thanks for the inspiration.