Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little something

Just popping in to share a little something I whipped up Friday night. I'd address my long absence but it would take longer than I have at the moment and what good would it do anyway? Let's just say, I hope I'm back!

So, I whipped together this anniversary reminder for my mom and dad, the loveliest people I know. They are so awesome and it's been a rough 2012 in their lives. I have wanted to create a few things using my Silhouette that I received as a Christmas present from my mom and aunt last year. I haven't used it as much as I'd like and am working to remedy that. So here's a little something I put together!

It's true, I can't take a straight picture to save my life! However, this project turned out great and took about an hour or so to put together. The base is a canvas I bought a couple of years ago and had never used. I painted it blue so the edges of the canvas wouldn't be white and would look finished. Then, I put together my monogram and anniversary date in Silhouette Studio, which is a lot of fun to play around with. It cuts dimensions perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased. Sure as heck beats a paper cutter and a craft knife, which is how I would have had to assemble something like this in the past!

I Mod Podged a piece of dark blue textured card stock on top of the canvas, then Mod Podged the cut piece over it. I gave it two top coats. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but it just turned out beautifully! Best of all, my mom loved it! (And she figured out why I called her at 10 p.m. to confirm her anniversary. I am terrible with dates if it isn't my birthday we're talking about!)

I hope you are having a wonderful year, so far. Take care!


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Monday, December 19, 2011

Festival of Wreaths

I guess it's about time I get some Christmas stuff up, seeing as how we're just a few days away from my favorite holiday of the year. I've actually been creating quite a lot these days, just not posting much. This is, in part, due to my computer monitor going kaput and the fact that I won't replace it until after the holidays. For now, we're using an old HP with, not kidding you, an 8-inch screen. So, you might be able to imagine how annoying it is to work on anything on such a small screen. This happened to coincide with the delivery of my Silhouette Cameo, as well, so I've not had a chance to really work with it much.

Now, on to the good stuff. I've made a whole passel of wreaths this season and am happy to say I have kept many of them for myself! Unusual. Below are photos with brief descriptions. I hope to post a few more things this week, but promise nothing. So, in the event you don't hear from me before 2012, here's wishing you and your families a Merry, Merry Christmas!

Small grapevine wreath wrapped with burlap ribbon and adorned with a felt poinsettia and glitter chipboard letters spelling Joy. My mom has this hanging on the window next to her Christmas tree. Looks super cute.
I'm calling this wreath "Shirley" in honor of a dear friend. This features a wreath of greenery from Michael's for $1.99, 32 purple Christmas ball ornaments wired to the wreath (25 cents for 4 packages of 32 at a holiday bazaar!), and four silver picks from the Dollar Tree for $2.00. Silver-edged purple leopard print ribbon from Michael's, about $3. This may be my favorite wreath of all of them, and it was super inexpensive!
This wreath is on my front door. It is a greenery wreath from Michael's, several glittery ornament picks and stems and a red bow with green holly and gold glitter trim. Love it!

This little gem was super quick to put together. It was a gift for my aunt. Paper cones glued to a wood craft wreath with tiny silver bows glued to the middle. Super cute and easy!

This wreath features the same red burlap ribbon as the Joy wreath. I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and used the remainder to create the giant bow and tails. The star is vintage, purchased in a box of Christmas items at an estate sale for next to nothing. It is gold with red, gold and silver sequins. I've had it forever and never knew what to do with it. It made the perfect addition to this wreath!

Merry Christmas!


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Silhouette and Springsteen

A lot has been happening lately, hence the sparse posting. I've actually been crafting a ton, but have forgotten to take pictures of pretty much everything! Can you believe it? Of course you can. It's that time of year.

Two things are making me happy right now. The first, I received my early Christmas present, a Silhouette Cameo, last week! Yipppeeeeee! So awesome. I have been wanting a Silhouette for a while now and finally have one. Unfortunately, it came the day I was leaving for an entire weekend and even at this moment is still in the box. I've decided it will stay there a few more days until I'm off work for the long weekend. Then. Oh. It will be on! Totally stoked.

The second thing that seriously had me screaming with joy this morning when I read it is that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will tour again in 2012. At some point, I will write a lengthy post about how Bruce Springsteen changed my life a few years ago. But for now, let's just leave it with the fact that I am thrilled with the prospect of seeing Bruce and the band again next year! Huzzah!

I had my Thanksgiving early this year. But for those of you who will be celebrating with family this week, have a great holiday! It is a special time of year and I was so thankful to spend time with my loved ones over the weekend. Here's to us all this holiday season! Let the festivities begin!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

My friend and I attended a Halloween party the other night as (you can see) Dum Dum suckers. It was great! Super simple costumes and we had tons of fun putting them together and laughing. Hope you have a great Halloween!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall and Festive

One of the reasons I love fall is the wonderful colors that come into play. As a kid, I was always fascinated by the colors of the leaves when they turned.  And, I must say, I am still fascinated many years later. Nature is wonderous, that much is certain.

For a long time I've wanted to make a burlap wreath as I've seen so many online that I love. Burlap is the perfect fall decorative fabric and it's so popular right now. Who knew those old, scratchy burlap sacks from my Dad's barn would have been useful one day?

I originally wanted to use orange burlap for my project, but when I went to the fabric store, it - along with light and dark brown - was sold out! (Wonder why?) But because I really, really wanted to make a burlap project, I just bought the cream and decided to look around. I ended up back at the fabric counter two more times, once to ask a question and the other to grab some orange and brown tulle. I was pretty sure I could put something together.

Well, a few weeks later I was still struggling. I just couldn't make it work. That is, until I decided to use my lunch break last Friday to pop over to Michael's and wander around. That's where I found these 60 percent off fall flowers! Finally, inspiration struck.

Basically, what we have here is a foam wreath form wrapped in 3-inch strips of burlap to cover the base. Then, I used 3-inch strips of tulle, bunched it up and wrapped in one direction until the ends met. Then, starting with a new strip of tulle, I wrapped in the other to make the criss-cross. Then I glued in my mums, popped in a little greenery, used the leftover tulle to fashion a bow, and there you have it! My front door is now ready for fall, even though it appears we might skip straight to winter. It's cold here in Kentucky!

Cheers to you and yours wherever you may be and thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween All in One

Happy October! I had hoped to make this multiple posts, but time has not allowed. So I'm posting all of my Halloween projects together. I hope you can make out the different elements in the photos. My display area is in a particularly shadowy (spoooooooky) spot. Let's get started.

So this is my fun and simple Halloween display. It might look a bit sparse, but it works well in the room as a small focal point in my kitchen/dining area. I've seen lots of super lovely fall seasonal displays that incorporate the warmth of the season. I'd really like to have something like that, too. But there's just something about Halloween that brings out the kooky, colorful, somewhat tacky but mostly fun part of myself!

The pieces I made here are the sign, wreath and calendar blocks. I had the materials on hand for all of these items with the exception of the bat on the wreath and the sign embellishments. Here's a closer look of the sign and blocks.

Making these little guys didn't cost me a dime! My dad cut the wood and let me borrow his sander. I had a pack of Halloween paper I bought ages ago and had never used, so now was the perfect time. I made stencils for the numbers and painted them on, then added a few highlights with a silver marker. All in all, I think they're pretty cute, if a little large.

 This is probably my favorite of all of the things I put together. The only thing I bought for this little sign is the Happy Halloween glittery embellishments. The pattern turned out differently than originally intended thanks to Dani Noodles (dog No. 5) who found one and chewed it up. She had orange glitter on her teeth for a couple of days!

I'd love to get a good picture of my bat wreath, but so far haven't been able to. I'm going to keep trying and if I get something decent, I'll post.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a fantastic Halloween season! 


Friday, September 30, 2011


Just wanted to write a quick little post to say I am still alive. A lot has happened since last I visited this lovely corner of the webosphere. A short list:
  • Design work for Christmas cards (yay, more about this soon.)
  • A few Halloween projects (to be posted in the coming days.)
  • Disney Cruise (awesome.)
  • Vertigo (not awesome)
  • Watching Arrested Development on Netflix.
So, that's it with me. How about you? I intend to post my Halloween projects in the next couple of weeks. I just finished the last one tonight after my Vertigo-induced hiatus from all things fun and enjoyable. I'm also going to be sharing more about my Christmas cards, which I'll be ordering from Catprint in the next week. (Do you know Catprint? You should. The best in short-run printing!) The cards will be sold (hooray!) at a sweet shop in my hometown of Cynthiana, Ky., called Teabeary Treasures. I'm pretty pumped.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for visiting!